MBR vs GPT: Which One Is Better for You?

While adding a new HDD or SSD to your computer, you’re always asked to make a choice between the below given options-

1) MBR- (Master Boot Record)

2) GPT- (Guide Partition Table)

While selecting amongst the two, many people do not have an idea of this issue. The difference between both these is a very demanded topic. Let us have a look are the difference between these.

MBR vs GPT. What is the difference?

full form of MBR is master boot record whereas the full form of GPT is guided partition table. These are two different partitioning schemes for removable devices, HDD, and SSD.


MBR was introduced in March 1983 along with IBM PC DOS 2.0 and is in you still the present day. However, GPT was developed after many years in the late 1990s and has gained popularity in recent years.


GPT is made up of a protective MBR and possibly overwriting GPT discs. A guide partition table could hold up to 128 partition entries in the operating system Windows. Whereas MBR consists of three parts. Master boot code, partition table, and disc signature. in an MBR the positioning table can hold a maximum of 4 entries only for partitions in windows.

Partition amounts

Since the partition table of MBR can hold only four primary partition entries maximum, therefore you are allowed to create only 4 primary partitions as a maximum number on an MBR disk. Whereas GPT disk allows an unlimited number of partitions, but Windows has restricted it to 128.

Partition capacity

While initializing it to an MBR, you are supposed to use only 16TB or 2TB of hard disk’s capacity. On the contrary, GPT disk can initialize to 2^64 logical blocks, and age logical block as the capability to be 512 bytes for 4K in nature.


All the latest versions of the operating system having 64-bit version support can use GPT partition disks for data. 

Whereas, protective MBR can only be used in the 32-bit version of Windows XP.

MBR vs GPT. Wich is better?


1) GTP will turn out to be more beneficial for you than MBR if your hard disk is larger than 2 terabytes. 

2) GTP will also provide you better security. These primary and backup partition tables order to improve the partition data structure so that you can value data security.

3) If your system is supported by UEFI boot, GTP we will provide your Windows faster and more stable support so that the performance of your computer could be improved largely due to the design of UEFI.


1) If the motherboard of your system does not support UEFI boot, then you can initialize your system disk to MBR for stable Windows.

2) MBR system is also chosen when you have 32 bit Windows to install on your devices. Only the bit version of 64 can boot from the GPT disk.

3) If the operating system of your Windows is very old, you should use MBR for your system disk to keep your Windows bootable and in control.


All the information about whether to choose MBR or GPT has been mentioned in the article. Now it is your judgment to make whether to initialize GTP or MBR for your HDD or SSD hard drives.

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