Ways To Disable Password

Adding a password on your devices is always the ideal way to protect your device from any invasion and secure its privacy. However, in some instances, people get infuriated and find it a waste of time to enter passwords every time they put their devices on a sleep mode. For all those people, it is easy to disable and remove passwords from your devices. The various methods you can bring into existence to disable passwords are mentioned below.

Method 1- Want to disable the password? Try removing the login password.

Step 1- Select windows and S keys on your keyboard to open the search window.

Step 2- Type netplwiz in the run box and hit enter.

Step 3- Under the section of users for this computer, select the account you want to operate.

Step 4- Uncheck the box stating users must enter a username and password to use this computer option.

Step 5- Click on the apply button in the lower right corner of your window.

Step 6- In the pop-up window, enter your username, password and confirm the password.

Step 7- Click on both consecutive ok’s to finish the process.

Method 2- Want to disable the password? Try removing the password for a local user account.

Step 1- Press the windows and I keys on your keyboard to open the Settings app.

Step 2- Select the option of accounts from the windows setting pannel.

Step 3- Select the sign-in options and look for the password section in the right panel of your screen.

Step 4- Click on the change button and enter the current password of your account. Now click on the Next button.

Step 5- Leave all the seals mentioned in front of you to blank and then click on the next option to continue followed by clicking on the finish button to execute and finish your process.

Method 3- Want to disable the password? Try disabling passwords while resuming from sleep.

Whenever your computer wakes up from sleep, there are three ways to disable your password.


Settings> select accounts> sign in> require sign in> Choose never.


Windows+S> Edit group policy> Hit enter> expand computer configuration, administrative, templates system, and power management> sleep settings> Require a password when a computer wakes> disable> apply> ok.


Windows+S> cmd> command prompt> Run as administrator> type


We hope that all the above-mentioned methods to disable passwords on your device were helpful in providing views of fluent working.

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