Microsoft Includes A Digital Health Function To Its Android Launcher

Microsoft is including its own digital health functionality to its Android launcher application. While Google has included an analogous function to Android Pie, the Launcher will allow any Android consumers access the capability of tracking how long applications are being employed for. You can track app usage, screen time, and even the number of time you have opened your handset. Microsoft Launcher shows support on OS operating on Android 4.2 and above, so it unlocks the digital health functions almost to a huge piece of Android consumers.

Microsoft Includes A Digital Health Function To Its Android Launcher

The newest 5.1 update to the Launcher also comprises Sticky Notes and To-Do integration, permitting you to sync your notes and tasks from these applications. Microsoft is even including in support for “Hey Cortana” to open the digital assistant from this launcher. Microsoft has been constantly upgrading its Android launcher over the last year, assisting the software behemoth embrace Android as the mobile edition of Windows.

On a related note, Microsoft earlier launched a new iOS application that seeks to automate keeping check on business expenditures. Arriving from the same team behind MileIQ, the mileage tracking app, Spend is developed to make receipt tracking and expense simpler than before.

As seen by TechCrunch, Microsoft rolled out Spend on iOS. It is actually a product from Microsoft Garage, the firm’s incubator program. The new application seems to have a simple and clean UI and also sports SSL 256-bit encryption for safety. Beyond the fundamental expense tracking functions, Spend is developed on the idea of automating much of the math. Microsoft even claims that the application can kick out detailed expenditure reports within seconds.

Spend automatically keeps track of your expenditures by syncing buy outs from bank accounts and cards. You can swiftly classify buyouts as personal or business with a swipe.

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