MS Drug Can Lead To Healthy, Long Life—Report

An old yet common treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has now become quite beneficial for patients. It has proved good both for symptoms of patients and it increases their lifespan. The observations of a latest research showed that patients who opted for beta interferon drugs for a longer time, say, above 3 years had a greater lifespan compared to those who opted for it for shorter period or did not opt at all. Chair in Canada Research in the department of Neuroepidemiology and Multiple Sclerosis in British Columbia University, Helen Tremlett said that this study had been one of the largest and first of its types that were held. The drug, currently being used for MS might increase lifespan.

Drugs under beta interferon consist of Betaseron, Rebif, Plegridy, Avonex and Extavia. It was one of the first drugs to treat MS. They were used during 1990s for treating MS that relapsed. Although latest medical treatments have come up with time but beta interferons continue to be very popular and helpful in this regard. MS is a recurring disorder that directly affects the central nervous system. The signs of MS are visual interruptions, trouble with memory and thought process, weakness of muscles and coordination and balancing issues etc. Patients suffering from MS can have reduced lifespan by 6 years or even more.

Vice president in Health Care Delivery and Policy Research at National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Dr. Nicholas LaRocca described that MS generally hits the tissues in the central nervous system which in turn attacks the immune system of the body. Beta interferon treats the root of the disorder, that is, the immune system. Hence, immune system is brought back into order. However, Tremlett mentioned that exact functioning of it has not yet been known. Researchers are also not sure regarding the improvement of lifespan due to use of beta interferons, but they are working towards those queries.

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