Musk’s New Neuralinks Show Promising Growth. The Pursuit Of Brainternet

Elon Musk had founded a secretive computing start-up known as ‘Neuralink’. This start-up has managed to raise $39 million. In 2016, it was registered as a medical research company. Soon after that, it had hired the best of neuroscientists from the university of California and Davis, whose job was to try connecting brains to computer systems. Elon musk named the technology as ‘Neural lace’ where, very small brain electrodes will be implanted which will have the capacity to upload and download our thoughts. Like in Matrix movie, just like Neo, a person might be able to download a skill in near future.

Neuralink is a Californian medical research company which operates from San Francisco. The research was conducted on the primates. In 2017 Elon Musk made an official announcement of this project which unites humans with technology on a literal level. Neural lace is nothing but a high tech digital layer placed above brain’s cortex. How it will be implanted there, is not yet known. According to Elon Musk, the whole purpose of the project is to bring about Human Augmentation.

This will make humans compatible with the machines, thus economically useful. In short, the neural lace is nothing but installation of small computer chips into our brains. The usefulness of this chip is not yet known. But Elon Musk expects it to help us in achieving symbiosis with the technology. This is done to cope up with the AI, as in near future; AI will be smarter than humans, leaving us behind in almost every aspect of intelligence. The solution to this is the incorporation of the Artificial intelligence network inside our brain – something that’s called as ‘direct cortical interface’. This symbiosis will enable the entire human species to reach a phenomenal level of intelligence. Till now, this news has received mixed reactions from people.

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