Nestle, Others Pull Of Their Ads From YouTube Over Pedophile Issue

The leader in the food industry Nestle, along with several other big-shot companies have chosen to pull off their advertisements from being aired on YouTube. This move came in the wake of reports alleging that these adverts were listed adjacent to content deemed offensive.

Recently, a vlogger has accused YouTube with regard to its failure in stopping a certain soft-core ring of pedophiles existing on the platform. The vlogger alleged that the firm has made it extremely easy to search for and locate videos with young girls. This was found to be possible in spite of the comments threads clearly displayed an alarming tendency of the views to sexualize the content.

YouTube, on its part, assured to have taken “immediate action” in deleting the concerned offending accounts. Currently, Google shares a mother company with the video platform. Prior to this, YouTube has often been under the scanner for its inability to remove offensive content at a required pace. The accusations were brought forward by one vlogger named Matt Watson. He chose to make the allegations public via a video that he uploaded on YouTube. The video has already received two million views.

In the explanation that he provided to justify his complaints, Watson elucidated that the videos were not in any way sexual in nature. However, the people commenting on the videos has chosen to flag moments in which women were captured in comparatively compromising positions, for instance, while posing before a mirror or performing gymnastics. If a user watched even one such video, it made the YouTube algorithm recommend videos with similar theme and some of these were run adjacent to ads from eminent companies like Nestle and Disney.

In response to this, the well-known food maker company Nestle has chosen to hit pause on advertising globally on YouTube up until the investigation of the issue reaches a resolution. This decision was communicated by a spokeswoman of the company.

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