World’s Smallest Baby Thrives After 5 Months Stay In The NICU

According to latest reports, a baby who was born more than 15 weeks earlier than due date is now discharged from the hospital. The baby weighted around 8.6 ounces and had to spend 5 long months in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. While speaking to the press, doctors said that the baby’s mother had to undergo a critical C-section when she was 23 weeks pregnant with the baby. Doctors stated that the pregnant woman had to undertake such desperate measures since her life was at risk due to several bodily complications.

During an exclusive interview with the press one of the doctors said that the baby was only 9 inches long but she doesn’t suffer from several complications like every other child who is born that early. While stating a press comment, Dr. Paul Wozniak said that the case of Saybie can be considered as a rarest one. Dr. Wozniak also said that the baby is a true fighter and can be considered as an anomaly.

A data released by CDC stated that more than 50% of babies who are born during 23rd week of pregnancy succumbed to various complications. The report also stated that during 2007-16, more than 3500 babies in the US were delivered during 23rd week of pregnancy. One of the researchers of CDC also stated that such babies had to suffer from various bodily ailments in the upcoming future. According to CDC, such children suffer from breathing issues, developmental delays and cerebral palsy.

While speaking to the press, Michelle Gill stated that the parents of Saybie had also played an active part in securing the life of their child. Michelle Gill also said that the father of the child was too concerned about her health and she had to convince him that everything will be alright. Around mid of May 2019, Saybie had been discharged from the hospital and now she is with her family.

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