New iPhone’s Feature Makes It Feel Person On FaceTime Making Eye Contact

Apple is at present testing a new technology, which will add a revolutionary feature to the iPhones. The technology comes in the form of a FaceTime Video chat app, which makes the users believe that they are making an eye contact with the person they are talking to, even if they are looking at the screen, and not at the lens of the camera.

Normally, when you stare at the screen while talking to someone, it appears that you are not directly looking at the person. However, the latest technology will make you believe that you are looking into the person’s eyes. The latest app is included in the iOS beta, the latest update that everyone will be able to add this fall.

The technology was demonstrated by one Will Sigmond, a tweeter user. When Sigmond was starting at the screen of his gadget, just like what we do when we have video chats, it looked that he is having an eye contact with the person at the other side, simply by staring at the lens of the camera.

However, for some of the users who have already tested the new technology, it did not work that well. Many of them told that they could make out clearly that they were not looking directly into the lens of the camera. However, they also said that they and the person whom they were talking to, were using two different types of phones and that could very well be one of the reasons behind the problem.

The app is a user-friendly one, and the users can turn on the option by clicking on the Settings, and then FaceTime, and then turning on the “FaceTime Attention Correction”. The option says that the eye contact of the user with the lens of the camera will be more precise during the FaceTime Video calls.

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