Next Generation Xbox Release To Come From Microsoft By End 2020

Microsoft has already declared that their next generation console has been prepared to be sold in the market before 2020 ends. The firm has also announced that this machine would be the largest jump over their former generation. During E3 games expo, Microsoft told their processor which is custom-made and developed by AMD would be four times impactful compared to Xbox One X. It also said that Halo Infinite would remain as one of its launch titles. However, Microsoft has said nothing regarding the appearance of the device or the estimated price.

After this announcement, Sony has also given similar promises about the upcoming PlayStation 5 which is still in the developing stage. Piers Harding-Rolls from a consultancy firm, HIS Markit said that it was quite expected that since the release of Xbox is more than a year ago, entire revelation has not been made.

Sony did a same revelation for their upcoming next-generation power during their last investor event. However, Microsoft’s exposure at E3 as well as the declaration that Halo Infinite would be a launch title has made their position stronger, especially amongst US audience.

The latest generation of Xbox would permit playing games till 120 frames every second. It would also provide 8K resolution playback. However, it was not clarified whether this would be possible just during streaming videos or games as well. It also would have a solid-state drive helping in reducing load times. It would allow ray tracing that is real-time hardware-accelerated in order to create better realistic effects in lighting.

Phil Spencer, the chief of Xbox commented strongly that the machine has been designed in a way to have maximum advantage of the latest capabilities of internet. However, the details have not been revealed. One unexpected moment during the event was when Microsoft declared that they would be taking over Double Fine Productions, an indie studio.

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