Nobody Will Die Due To HIV Anymore, Says John Elton

Among various diseases like cancer, diabetes and malaria, AIDS is known to be an only biggest epidemic which could possibly be ended only if we change our attitudes and societal beliefs, says Elton John at the AIDS conference this Tuesday. At this 22nd AIDS conference, Elton, an old activist and musician expressed his frustration as some people are hated and kept away because of their abnormalities which may include LGBT communities too. He says this kind of hateful behavior causes the patient to stop their treatment and they end up losing their lives.

John says this scenario can be changed by 2030 if allies like Prince Harry help us achieve this target. The help of Donald Trump is also essential which can support the patients with their PEPFAR program. On Tuesday, he took a meeting with Prince, who contributed $1.2billion to the AIDS foundation carried out by John Elton. John says this can prove helpful to save the lives of many young people by offering them treatment at cheaper rates.

He also announced funds to Central Asia and Eastern Europe as these regions have a large number of HIV epidemics. The people in those regions lack government support and the cost of treatment is too high, especially for LGBT people. About 70 countries ban same-gender relationship and such people are also kept away from diagnosis, so many of them are still living with AIDS. John talks about the students living in Cape Town who are afraid of being gay or having HIV as they can possibly be expelled from the university.

John along with Furbish have a past what makes them work together to fight against HIV. They were affected badly when they lost some of their friends due to HIV. They also adopted two children who help them work for their charity.

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