Now It Is Possible To Stream Live VR On Facebook Using Oculus Rift

Now It Is Possible To Stream Live VR On Facebook Using Oculus RiftIt is now much simpler to share what you are doing on your Oculus Rift, even if users are nowhere close to your room. Oculus is beginning to launch out an upgrade that debuts sharing on Facebook Live. Turn it on and you can livestream the scene from your Rift to the public or friends. It is up to developers to make decision whether or not they add the functionality, but a number of apps (comprising Dead & Buried and Echo VR) are all set for the functionality right now.

You can add more individuals into the virtual realm, for that matter. Oculus now provides a Public Homes beta that allows anybody ask to join your social space in VR. You can discover spaces that align with your interests and, possibly, make a handful of online friends. Not shockingly, there are tight security controls to allow you report abuse and silent visitors. Both functions are live now for individuals who have selected the Public Test Channel, but they must be accessible to everybody moving forward.

On a related note, Oculus earlier declared the closing down movie purchases and rentals via its Oculus Rift video app. As per a statement sent to Rift consumers via mail, Oculus claimed that they will be reimbursing users who brought videos earlier on Rift via the Oculus Video app.

The firm claimed that consumers will no longer be capable of accessing any rented or purchased movies via Oculus Video. But users can carry on watching streams and video from other sources, such as Facebook 360. Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go will still have authorization to video on demand, comprising rentals and purchases, as the firm determinedly claims that its mobile headsets are majorly for media usage and not gaming similar on Rift.

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