Pixel 4 Gets Enhanced Face Unlock And Other Shocking Updates

Previously this month, Google declared that rather than normal Android updates, Pixel 4 handsets might get a “Pixel Feature Drop” to tout new splashy features. That upgrade has now launched, and apart from the expected alterations such as Duo call centering and robocall screening, there are a few greeting revelations, as seen by media.

To begin with, Face Unlock can now give an explanation for alterations to your look such as a new beard or hair style. “When it is turned on, face unlock pictures are used occasionally to make enhanced face models,” Google’s update claims. “This assists recognize you better eventually.” The update also highlights out that these models are amassed on the secure Titan processor of Pixel 4 and never online.

As anticipated, the update also conveys support of T-Mobile eSim to Pixel 4 handsets. That indicates you can trigger your device instantly without hanging around for the actual delivery of a SIM card, and also employ the eSim in association with an actual SIM to receive texts and calls from two different numbers. Lastly, the Pixel 4 now shows support for dual-frequency GNSS so it can trace signals of two satellites at once, either from Galileo satellites or GPS. That in turn will offer more precise tracking of location.

You can probably hope for more such enhancements through future Pixel 4 updates. With the new update live, Google is clearly making an effort to distinguish its flagship handsets from others in the Android bionetwork.

On a related note, the latest flagship handset by Google, the Pixel 4, is famous for its outstanding camera software. If you are curious about how that was attained, Google has disclosed more about how Portrait Mode operates, defining how its auto-focus dual-pixel system operates.

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