Researchers Created Fire Extinguisher for Cell Phone Battery

Samsung has faced a huge business loss due to its battery explosion problem. It faced loads of criticism in the global business market and recalled the phones for replacements. Unfortunately, the replacements too blasted.

Taking the battery explosion issue into the account, researchers developed a lithium-ion battery that has an inbuilt fire extinguishing solution, which is released if the temperature of the battery rises above a certain limit.

The solution filled inside the battery is triphenyl phosphate (TPP) which is an active flame retardant. This chemical is assembled in a shell along with electrolyte solution.

Fire Extinguisher for Cell Phone Battery

Lithium-ion battery is majorly used to power the devices as the cell gets charged rapidly, but a minuet manufacturing error can lead to a short circuit which may lead a fire as well.

The attempt of placing TPP inside batteries in previous experiments failed as the presence of TPP without shell was affecting the performance of the battery.

But this time, battery fire was extinguished within 0.4 seconds.

After the issue of battery explosion in Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has not yet explained the reason of such hazardous hardware.

Samsung said to customers, investors, and stakeholders “we understand that we are liable for the answers and would appreciate the limits of patience”, “we have significant update related to the investigation and it will be released soon in coming weeks”.

Manufacturers faced loads of complexity while developing longer life batteries. Long-lived batteries are highly demanded by the consumer to power the high definition functionality of the phones.

There is always a risk of battery failure if we try to push up the capacity of the batteries.

If this technology would have been introduced some months before, Samsung would have saved itself from the burden of loss.

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