Tesla’s Fremont Factory Makes Way For Model Y SUV And A Model S Refresh

Tesla is all set to make some automobile upgrades. The car factory at Fremont is about to make some changes. According to the factory’s former and current employees, Model Y crossover with SUV will be introduced along with few upgrades in Mode S that provides its users with minimalist interior design and battery that will last long – up to 400 miles.

The SUV demand is rising in today’s market. The Model Y’s introduction with SUV vibes will allow Tesla to capture the same. Meanwhile, the launch of Model S is supposed to help Tesla to maintain and expand its share. Model S is intended towards capturing market for luxury sedans which right now, is decelerating. These launches can increase the cost for Tesla, as Elon Musk has decided to personally view the 10th page of the outgoing expenditure.

According to the sources, the factory has already begun ordering the necessary equipment for the production Model Y. Although, no official announcement is made by Tesla regarding its preparations for Model Y. Elon Musk has suggested that the production will be done in Fremont. This will call for merging of production lines of Model S and Model X into a single line. They will require lot of space as both these models need many parts to be assembled. Model X is bit complicated due to its unique feature – the falcon wings.

Model S production is expected to start from September. It’s taking toll on the existing production of Model S and X, as the factory is receiving some upgrades. Weekend and night time production of these cars has been stopped. These old models are also having prize deduction of $3,000 and $2,000—on Model X and S, respectively.

Tesla plans to deliver 90,000–100,000 cars in the 2nd quarter of 2019 and around 360,000 cars later.

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