Rising Wireless Networking Technologies Projected To Drive The Global IoT Devices Market Growth

An IoT device is a hardware part with a sensor that broadcasts data from one location to another through the Internet. The IoT devices comprise software, wireless sensors, computer devices, and actuators. They can be implanted into industrial equipment, mobile devices, medical devices, environmental sensors, and so on. Connected IoT devices, which transmit usage and other information, can probably offer insights that help the companies to gain efficiency, cost reductions, and new business avenues. Further, IoT security is turning out to be a progressively more significant facet of IoT device development as unprotected IoT devices can be a major backdoor into an otherwise protected enterprise network. To securely and efficiently connect, deploy, and retain the array of IoT devices and occasionally vast data volumes, firms require an IoT device management platform.

The growth of the IoT devices market is mainly driven by the rising wireless networking technologies along with the increasing implementation of cloud platforms around the world. IoT Cloud is an interface intended to hoard and process the data created through the Internet of Things (IoT). The service providers and device manufacturers are offered access by the cloud platform for monitoring and advanced analytics. Further, being a cost-effective service, a surge in the adoption of IoT devices is expected during the forecast period, thus propelling market growth. It has been projected that it is possible to save over 35% of the yearly cost by an organization through implementing cloud computing technology. All of these aspects are anticipated to drive the growth of the IoT device market during the forecast period.

In addition, a real-time situation can be examined by IoT and also assist in improved decision-making. New avenues are expected to surface with this digital transformation for several industries and augment the IoT devices market growth. The market, in the last few years, has seen a rise in spending for R&D activities for the creation of technologically enhanced IoT systems, which has also amplified the recognition of IoT device management products. The key application domains in the market comprise monitoring, device provisioning, diagnostics, and administration. However, the death of steadiness in interoperability, interconnectivity, and security problems are few factors expected to hamper the global IoT devices market growth.

Furthermore, the IoT device market vendors are anticipated to experience a robust need for the product during the coming period because of rising technological progressions. The leading market players keep up the competitive edge within the global market by spending in the M&As and by expanding their product portfolio. To cite, Motorolas enterprise unit was acquired by Zebra Technologies for USD 3.5 billion on April 24, 2014. The firms shared pledge to innovation will assist consumers to utilize powerful technology trends such as location & motion sensing, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile enterprise cloud computing.

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