Saudi Arabian prince reportedly hacked Jeff Bezos’ phone with malicious WhatsApp message

he cell phone of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was apparently hacked by Saudi Arabian sovereign in 2018 when, during a benevolent WhatsApp trade, a malignant video record sent by Mohammed receptacle Salman invaded the multi-very rich person, the Guardian paper announced.

The gatekeeper said the scrambled document was sent to Bezos, the proprietor of the Washington Post, on May 1, 2018, after which “a lot of information was exfiltrated from Bezos’ telephone inside hours”.

In March a year ago, the security boss for Bezos had asserted that Saudi government approached Bezos’ telephone and increased private data from it.

Gavin De Becker, a long-term security specialist, said he had finished up his examination concerning the production in January of spilt instant messages among Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, a previous TV grapple who the National Enquirer newspaper paper said Bezos was dating.

Bezos in February 2019 blamed the paper’s proprietor for attempting to extort him with the danger of distributing “cosy photographs” he purportedly sent to Sanchez except if he said in open that the newspaper’s giving an account of him was not politically persuaded.

In an article for The Daily Beast site, De Becker said the parent organization of the National Enquirer, American Media Inc., had secretly requested that De Becker prevent finding any proof from securing electronic listening in or hacking in their newsgathering procedure.

The specialists and a few specialists closed with high certainty that the Saudis approached Bezos’ telephone, and increased private data, De Becker composed. Starting today, it is hazy to what degree, assuming any, AMI knew about the subtleties.”

In February 2019, the realm’s clergyman of state for remote undertakings said Saudi Arabia had “literally nothing to do” with the National Enquirer’s investigating the issue.

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