Scientists Are Testing Brain-To-Brain Network To Exchange Information

Earlier as well, there have been tests and studies conducted to check for a direct brain-to-brain communication, but now the tests have been extended to a complete network.

Scientists have created a network of 3 person brain that allows the participants to share thoughts across the network. For the test, they have considered the case of playing a game like the Tetris. It has utilized very common technology, but this time it is in a lot more scalable manner.

Scientists Are Testing Brain-To-Brain Network To Exchange Information

The network is depending on an electroencephalograms combination to make a note of electrical activity and magnetic stimulation with transcranial to transfer the data. Only one individual can be performed as a sender and receiver of data, but they as well cannot have a visual of the whole screen, and it can increase up to 2 people who can send the information to the receiver.

Those 2 individuals can give commands to transfer block by focusing their attention on the LEDs blinking at various frequencies, improving the brain signals. The receivers not only just know about changing the block, but it as well can identify whether one of the senders of data is playing any sort of trick.

This is no telepathy, and should not be confused with one. It needs an external effort and can transfer one bit of data at once. The tested technology can be introduced and create a much bigger network of the human brains, and it also shares that people can ultimately send a lot more complex and bigger chunks of data across the group.

However, involving numerous brains in the network can possibly develop the confusion and not to forget about the severe privacy issues, but it can as well effective for the new type of communication and help the scientists understand about the internal functionalities of the brain.

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