Self-esteem And Optimism Can Help Dementia Sufferers Improvise Their Life

Cognitive impairments are currently one of the most commonly found disorders in individuals across the entire globe. These impairments are seen mainly in elders but even the younger generations are showing symptoms of these. Right now, the researchers are looking out for easy means other than the therapies or medications to improvise the life of the sufferers. The current study has found that the characteristics such as self-esteem and optimism can actually assist in enhancing the well-being and quality of life of the dementia patients. At the moment, the group of researchers has discovered that psychosomatic characteristics such as self-esteem and optimism helped people overcome their loneliness and depression as well as improve the knack to optimize the eminence of life and well-being in people with dementia.

Self-esteem And Optimism Can Help Dementia Sufferers Improvise Their Life

The lifetime experiences have a huge influence on the psychological well-being and point of view of living well. Alongside even the physical healthiness and robustness were also pointed as vital. It is very important for people suffering from dementia to indulge in social activity as well as interaction. The ability to control the daily activities and social conditions in life is a critical factor for these people.  The current study has already been published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Association Disorders. The researcher Linda Clare has made it clear that the 50 Million worldwide sufferers need a solution for maximizing their chances of quality living.

The current research helps to focus on two aspects that help maintains the physical healthiness as well as socially activity of the people with dementia. The physicians along with the help of researchers need to find a way to strengthen the social community acceptance as well as create health awareness among the patients. UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have presently found a molecular start in case of Alzheimer’s disease and hope to use it for determining which type of dementia will occur in the future so as develop a personalized form of medicine for neurodegenerative diseases.

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