Research Confirms All Kinds Of Alcohol Bad For Health

In the modern world, people seek the simplest scope of entertainment to cut across the monotonous flavor of life. In the effort, alcohol plays a crucial role. In fact, some of the people have even stated that the beverage is good for health if taken in a restricted quantity. However, those people will receive a huge blow as a global study proves that any form of alcohol is harmful to health irrespective of age and gender.

Previously, the researchers have stated that the consumption of alcohol in a moderate quantity will offer protection to the cardiac health. The scientists have proved that the beverage makes the body vulnerable to cancer and other ailments.

In order to prove the effectiveness of the speculations, the Global Burden of Disease conducted a study that considered data of people consuming alcohol in 195 countries from 1990 to 2016. The pieces of information were taken between the age group 15 and 95 years. The comparison was conducted between the people who drink on a regular basis and the ones who don’t. It was found that among the 100,000 surveyed people, 914 suffered from alcohol-induced ailments like cancer and others.

The number increased by 63 more for the ones who take two alcoholic beverages a day. However, the severe condition grew manifolds for the people who took five drinks a day.

Prof. Sonia Saxena, one of the authors of the study and a GP stated that if someone consumes a single drink in a day, the health becomes vulnerable to various diseases. On the contrary, people can’t restrict themselves to a single drink, which is elevating the risks associated with the same in a great way.

The lead author, Dr. Max Griswold stated that the previous studies had proved that the alcohol offered a protective effect on health. On the contrary, the recent studies have proved otherwise.

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