Sonos Has The Hope Of Direct Integration Of Siri In Its Speakers

Some days ago, Sonos made a few announcements which have support for AirPlay 2, a new beam sound bar, Siri control, and much more. Patrick Spence, CEO, Sonos, during a recent interview with The Verge, told about the relationship between the company and Apple, and the scope of support with deeper integration with Siri.

The Sonos One was the first speaker of the company that has a direct voice assistant integration, a supporting Amazon Alexa during a launch with Google Assistance Support this year. The virtual assistant integration directly to the device allows users to say their favorite word to make an inquiry or control music and more.

With the rollout of AirPlay 2, Sonos is teasing the Siri support, but there is no direct integration. As Sonos claims Siri support, it means a feature of AirPlay 2 that users can use to control playback on their Apple devices via Siri.

When enquired about the direct integration, Spence stated that the decision of direct integration majorly depended on Apple, whether they are ready to open Siri for 3rd parties or not.

However, the fact that Apple allows Sonos for direct integration with Siri in their speakers is sounds good, especially in the current scenario when Apple has acquired its own HomePod smart speakers available in the market. However, to this situation, Spence looks quite an optimist that there could be a chance that Sonos got lucky and gets the opportunity of direct integration.

Another flair which flew during the interview with The Verge arrived relating with the Dolby Atmos which is something, at last, coming to the TVOS 12 and Apple TV in the latter part of this year.

Whereas, a lot of Sonos users are hopeful that there would be a support for Atmos to the existing speakers with the help of software updates, which the Spence has said that they are not sure about its execution.

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