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Just few hours behind for her son was discovered dead at California, Tina Turner was on the ramps of Paris; she was attending the Winter/Fall show of Giorgio Armani Prive Haute.

As per Reports, her son committed suicide at his residence in Studio City of California. Craig Raymond Turner is the eldest son (59 years) of Tina Turner (78 years). He killed himself with a gunshot.

After 4 hours of Tina Turner walking the Red Carpet at Paris, the authorities entered her son’s home and declared him dead on the spot.

Craig is son of Tina and Saxophonist Raymond Hill; she gave birth to Craig just at the age of 18. Tina later married Ike Turner who adopted Craig. They are parents to 4 children, Craig from Tina’s first marriage, Ronnie (57) Ike and Tina’s child, Ike Jnr (59) and Michael (58) from Ike’s first marriage.

Ike and Tina did not have a happy marriage; she was regularly beaten by Ike who was addicted to drugs. After 16 years of physical assault, Tina fled with just 36 cents in her pockets and in a blood stained dress. She commented at an interview in 2005 that Craig was always emotional and while the other children sat expressionless, the torture on his mother always had a negative impact on him.

Since 1994 Tina stayed at Switzerland and was in a live in relationship with Erwin Bach, music producer. They married in 2013. As per Ike Jnr their mother detached herself from their lives after moving abroad and did not want any trace of her past in his new life. He said the last he had heard about Craig was he was doing fine while their other brother Michael is at present in a convalescent home at South California. He said that Ike and Tina have never been responsible parents.

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