Sony To Convey A Massive Modification To Its Handset UI

Sony has been in the handset sector for many years now and is recognized to follow its personal guidelines when it comes to upgrades and design. The Japanese tech behemoth’s handsets are yet to become accustomed to bezel-less design, 18:9 screens, and more. While it is anybody’s guess as to when the form aims to update its handsets in terms of design, it absolutely appears to be operating on refreshing the software end of things. As per a community moderator of Sony, the company is operating on a fresh Android launcher or what can be dubbed as the replacement for Xperia Home.

Even though as of yet the details are not solid, the fact that the firm has discontinued operating on new function for the present Home Application, provides us a clue that something innovative is in the timeline. “The reason for stopping development of new feature is the present Xperia Home Application. We are designing a fresh Home Application,” claimed Erika Prymus, the moderator, to the media in an interview.

It is rumored that since conveying a new handset launcher is a big measure step for the firm, what can be a better chance to launch it out in addition to Android P OS upgrade. It can be likely that the upcoming UI might make better employment of gesture support and might be the display cutout that arrives in Android P. There is no verification on the launch timeline by the firm.

Previously this month, Sony cited that it will not be launching out any fresh features for its Xperia Weather application. It is claimed that only one more beta edition of the update is in progress, after which the aim will be the maintenance of the app. Apart from this, beta roll outs will be aimed on error fixes only going forward.

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