Spotify Lite Officially Out For 36 Regions All Over The World

Spotify has been trialing a lighter, smaller edition of its app since last year in expectations of extending its reach to areas where Internet connectivity is slow and users tend to employ low-to-mid-range handsets. Now, that app is lastly all set for primetime. Spotify Lite is now accessible on Google Play officially for 36 regions with more to come. As you would hope for, those areas comprise developing markets all over Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa, comprising Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, Honduras, and India.

The lite app is well, pretty, and light on features, although it will still offer consumers a method to search for songs and artists, share & save them, enjoy playlists, and find new music. They will be capable of using it with either a Premium or a free account, and they can employ it together with the main app for times when their Internet connectivity is spotty. Maybe, more essentially for those who do not have limitless data plans, the app lets consumers to set a cap for how much data it can use. It will then alert consumers when they have reached that restriction.

Here’s a full list of all 36 regions where Spotify Lite is now accessible: Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Paraguay, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Indonesia, South Africa, Vietnam, Philippines, India, and Malaysia.

On a related note, Stations is Spotify’s response to Pandora, allowing you to listen to and tune in curated music without having to touch the handset. That convenience made it an instant hit when it rolled out previous month, but one essential feature was not present for iOS consumers: support for CarPlay.

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