Staying Near Fast Food Joints Enhances The Risk Of Heart Attack

As per a new research, chances of heart attack are much higher if you are living near the fast- food restaurants. As per the Australian study, rate of heart attacks are much more in neighborhoods having more fast- food joints. As per the reports, for every new fast-food outlet there were additional four heart attacks per 100,000 people every year. To reach the conclusion, researchers studied the data of around 3,100 patients who suffered a heart attack of a particular region of Australia in between the years 2011 to 2013.

As per Tarunpreet Saluja who is the study author from University of Newcastle, the findings across the metropolitan and rural areas were consistent in New South Wales. Food environment plays a major role towards the health emphasized the results. Saluja added that heart attack is the major cause of death worldwide. Nonfatal and fatal heart attacks are highly linked with the eating of fast-food. Despite this, there has been an increase in the purchase of fast food. In European Society of Cardiology news release, Saluja said that studies show that poor nutrient intake, saturated fat and high salt in the fast-food is linked to heart disease. The findings of the study were presented at annual meeting of Cardiac Society of New Zealand and Australia on Aug 11. Until the research is not published in peer – reviewed journal, it should be taken as preliminary.

ESC’s past president, Jeroen Bax said that to tackle the heart disease, individual responsibility is required and actions need to be taken on a population level. The amount of outlets offered by the restaurants should be regulated. Local areas must have access to the supermarkets that provide healthy food. This is to ensure and promote healthy eating among the people in every area. This reduces the chances of various heart diseases among people.

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