Boeing to temporarily halt 737 Max production in January

Boeing the US airline manufacturing giant told that it will temporarily stop manufacturing its most controversial airline model the 737 Max 8 in January.

Surprisingly Boeing kept manufacturing its Max 8 models despite all the models being grounded for the last nine months. The Boeing 737 Max 8 model was involved in two major crashes within a span of about six months killing more than 300 people. The accidents involved one in Indonesia with Lion Air and the other on in Ethiopia with its national carrier the Ethiopian Airlines the national carrier of Ethiopia.

The cause of the crashes has been linked to the new MCAS system that is an autonomous system built in the aircraft to prevent a sudden high rate of climb and also prevent stalls.

Boeing believed that the Max 8 models would be cleared by the FAA after it made certain changes to the MCAS and other systems but so far this has not been the case. The FAA board wants to make things absolutely sure by conducting several trials and tests until it is 100% sure of the safety of its systems.

The 737 Max 8 model of Boeing was its most successful and highly demanding commercial aircraft and was sold heavily in the market to the airline companies.

The company said that it does not want its staff who were associated with the design and the development of the 737 Max 8 models to remain to lay off but it could have an effect on its suppliers and the economy in general.

Last week the FAA told that it was aware that there could be further incidents in the future after the Lion Air disaster in Indonesia. It said that the aircraft can have as many as a dozen incidents if the changes were not done in its design. Despite all this, the Max 8 models were not grounded until the second disaster in Ethiopia.

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