SW Airlines And Union Warned By FAA For Safety Issues Arising Out Of The Dispute

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has sent a formal warning to Southwest Airlines and an organization which stands for its mechanics. FAA has strictly mentioned that it has been long since they have been in dispute with the terms of the contract and that might be arise questions of safety. The letter has specifically talked about the disagreeable relationship between the airlines on one hand and Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association on the other hand. Concerns have been raised at how trustworthy is the safety management of the airlines at the moment. Neither the organization nor South has given any answers to that, thereby proving FAA’s neutrality in this regard.

Southwest Airlines and the mechanics organization have been into the deal since 2012. During last week, there was a fight between the two to the level where Southwest went to file charges against the organization. Garry Kelly, CEO of Southwest expressed his concern last week that this case is getting indeed very expensive for them. They have been facing a loss of millions of dollars due to the case and also because the number of cancellation of tickets have increased.

FAA spokesman informed that from their end, oversight has been increased. Ali Bahrami who had composed the later for FAA said that he has asked Southwest to come to cooperative terms with the organization and to maintain safety standards obliging the rules of FAA. FAA also said they are quite confident that disputes would be settled soon and no matter what is happening at the moment, safety concerns would be taken care of and not neglected. Southwest, based in Dallas answered back saying safety of passengers is their priority and regardless of what lawsuit they are fighting in the background, their priorities would always be served first. They have ensured that each flight is safe enough.

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