Airlines Urge The Government Not To Board Separated Migrant Children To Fly On Airplanes

American airlines spoke on Wednesday against the “immigration policy with zero tolerance,” that supports separation of children from their migrant parents and families.

American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and United Airlines issued statement an hour before President Donald Trump’s executive order signed and moved to the end of the divisive policy. Delta Air Lines (DAL) recommended Trump for this course change.

The American, Frontier, United Airlines said the federal government on Wednesday to stop the use of their planes to migrate children that were taken away from their parents.

American Airlines (AAL) said, “They do not want to be connected with the task of separating families or, even worse, take monetary benefits from it, we expect that the government will respect our request, and we thank them for it.”

Like many airliners in America, American Airlines has contracts with the US Government that allow federal employees to use their planes for certain trips. For example, the company said that it has commuted refugees for government and non-profits.

No airline could evidently articulate if their planes were deployed to transport migrant children from their families.

An aviation service officer told CNN that they have a limited awareness of the exact situations of for whom tickets have been purchased by Government. Airlines do not know if the person is deported was child separated from the family and kept into the detention center, or whether they are unaccompanied minors returning to their families.

The AAL said that it was disturbing to know that migrant children who had been separated from their families flew into their plane.

United Airlines (UAL) said it has a problem with Trump’s immigration policy and says that it called federal officials to tell them that they cannot transport immigrant children on airplanes who were separated from their parents.

Earlier, employees of Microsoft have protested against the immigration and zero tolerance policy and have asked the company to terminate the contract with ICE that is supporting Trump’s move of separating children from migrant parents.

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