Taiwan Semiconductor Experienced A Loss In Revenue Due To Virus Attack

A computer virus has become lethal for the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., a company which is among the top chip manufacturers in the world, to close down few of their factories in a week, and could lead to the loss of $255M.

TSMC is the among the biggest contract chip maker in the world and has the clients like Apple and Qualcomm, and it the only maker of the main processor of the iPhone, however, it is not yet clear that is there any impact on the iPhone device due to the virus attack.

The virus that has done the task of affecting the fabricating devices, leads to the closure of several factories to end the operations on Friday. 80% of the devices came back to online by Sunday, as per the report by the Financial Times, with the remaining is anticipated to be functional on Monday.

Due to the shutdown, the company is facing a loss of 3% in revenue in the respective quarter, and the shipments of the orders will also going to be a delay, as reported by the Financial Times.

However, it was not yet clear that how the virus reached and impacted the system, but as per the statement was given by the TSMC to the Bloomberg during a conversation on Saturday, it was not an act by the hacker.

As per the company’s statement on Sunday, “The issue of the virus occurred due to the misoperation at the time of the installation process of the software while introducing a new tool in the system, which allows the virus to get in connection and spread across the whole network on company’s system.

The company said that that issue of the virus is under control, and the production had started at a regular pace in most of the factories.

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