Technology: A Boon Or A Curse

Technology is the new trend. Technically speaking, technology is not new. Since the invention of fire, man also felt the warmth of technology. And today, it has flourished all across the world. Technology has reached each and every corner of the world. It has made possible those things that we used to dream of a decade ago.

Moving on, technology has its effect in the field of studies that play a major role. For instance, earlier, teachers used to teach the students on blackboard using chalk and duster. But nowadays, learning has become much easier due to e – learning. Shopping was indeed a tiresome task. But e – commerce giants such as Flipkart and Amazon have made shopping possible with a single click. This has not only saved the efforts of shopping but has also saved men from carrying the shopping bags.

Technology A Boon Or A Curse

Going further, technology is also been used in defense of the nations all over the globe. This has enhanced the security level resulting in maintaining the peace all over the world.

But as the say goes – each coin has two different sides. While seeing the advantages from the technology, we cannot overlook the disadvantages that it has. You need to admit the fact that even though technology has eased our lives, it has indeed made us lazy. This has not only made the humans prone to dangerous diseases such as diabetes and obesity, but also reduced the life span of the mankind.

Adding more to the list, even though technology has enhanced the security and maintained the peace, it is the same technology that has caused chaos between the nations. Above all, the high tech weapons used is the also one of the main disadvantages of technology. Even though technology made the learning easy for students through e – learning, it is TV – a part of technology – that can be held responsible for ruining their life.

In short, as our elders had said once, excess of anything is dangerous. The same saying goes for technology. It is just a matter of time that man will release the current situation before it is too late.

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