Amazon Eyes At 4 Bn Customers With Its New Space INVESTMENT

Amazon has planned to launch 3,236 satellites to provide high-speed internet and to connect billions of people all across the globe. Many industry executives and analysts have stated that Amazon’s entrant in space business is very significant but underrated.

The company is currently working on the Project Kuiper in which thousands of satellites will be launched in space. These satellites are specialized to provide high-speed internet all over the earth and Jeff Bezos has not yet revealed any timeline or cost of the project. The plan of launching these satellites has been proposed to Space X and three more companies.

Sam Korus, ARK Invest Analyst, said that for Amazon, it is going to be a great opportunity to have cloud services. Many other industry executives also said that this plan of launching thousands of satellites is going to be a revolutionary idea. Another official also mentioned their views that it might be the beginning of a race which would bring a big change in the space industry.

Chad Venture, CEO of Space Angels stated on a reputed news media that we all have known since a long time that there was always part on earth which was untouched with connectivity facilities. Thus, this step of Amazon holds great importance which will connect all the people with the global economy. The marketing strategies with big names like SpaceX and One Web as well as Amazon itself gather a great opportunity to connect the rural, underserved and underprivileged communities all across the globe.

Korus said that Jeff Bezos is taking a much boarder business concept as if you provide the access to everyone on the earth then you will directly double the addressable numbers in the e-commerce market, internet and all other businesses of Amazon. In this, Anderson added that it is a business strategy as it will subsequently add 4 billion new customers to Amazon.

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