The Developer Team Of PUBG Admits Some Issues Will Be Resolved By A ‘Fix PUBG’ Initiative

PUBG Corporation announced an initiative recently called as “Fix PUBG” which will push the developers to fix bugs from the game. The team of developers will work together to remove bugs, deliver a smooth gameplay experience and improve the overall fundamental performance of game, thus taking PUBG to next level. A message was posted on a website of Fix PUBG saying, “The issues related to bugs, low-performance and quality for life have been restricting the true potential of PUBG.”

So, this is the only time to resolve such issues. Today, an update has been dropped for both Xbox and PC versions which will fix the issues found on PUBG roadmap having about 100 bugs as well as quality issues. Till now, 37 bugs have been destroyed. Many issues related to handling weapons and visual defects have been found in this game.

Keeping the bugs issue to one side, PUBG has been a weakly-optimized game till now, even if you play using powerful PC’s. Also, the user loses his access from the game which matters a lot for a gamer. These issues have been acknowledged by the developer team and they promised to improve the server and client performance which is part of their Fix PUBG program.

The issues related to loading time and visual effects have already been resolved. But the issues related to desync, drop in frame rates and rate for server tick will be removed in coming days. Most of the mainstream conversations of PUBG have been stolen by Fortnite Battle Royal, but still PUBG has been gamer’s favorite one. A very large number of gamers are still enjoying the game despite of its issues. By today, PUBG has a large number of concurrent players which is far greater than any game in history and twice the number than its competitor named Dota 2.

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