The Return Of Apple iPhone 3GS In South Korea

Apple in June 2009 had rolled out its iPhone 3GS. After 9 Years, the handset is no longer being traded formally by the company. But if you need to purchase the Apple iPhone 3GS in this era, then you can purchase it for just Rs 2,800. On the other hand, for that you will have to go to South Korea. This is due to the fact that SK Telink, a South Korean telecom operator, has lately found a shipment of untraded iPhone 3GS at one of its storehouses after 9 long years. The shipment for Apple iPhone 3GS is undamaged and in completely new condition. The telecom operator has declared that will trade this shipment of new iPhone 3GS units in South Korea at a price tag of 44,000 Won, which approximately converts to Rs 2,800.

SK Telink will trade the iPhone 3GS with no carrier agreement. The firm will first verify that whether all units of the 9-year old device are operating correctly or not. There is no news on whether the firm will offer replacements for the battery or not since it will be exciting to witness how the battery of a 9-year old iPhone sustains, in spite of being so old.

The iPhone 3GS rolled out support for 3G networks and this indicates that if you manage to get your hands on the device, it will be supported in India as well. It will operate on iOS 6 since Apple had ended updating the iPhone 3GS after the roll out of iOS 7. Having claimed that most modern day applications comprising WhatsApp will not operate on the old iPhone.

On a related note, it has been rumored that the new iPhones might get additional resistant to water in comparison to the earlier models. A copyright has been filed by Apple for electronic devices’ sealed accessories.

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