Tips For Selling An Iphone Second-Hand Through The Internet

What can I do to sell a used iPhone through the Internet?

There are many users who wonder what they can do to sell their old or current iPhone, with the intention of buying a new or the latest at a better price. For this reason, below we will tell you the steps that have to be followed in order to sell an iPhone used through the Internet.

Tips For Selling An Iphone Second-Hand Through The Internet

How to prepare a used iPhone to be able to sell it

One of the things that we must take into account before selling the iPhone is that the device will become someone else’s and therefore we must, obviously, leave it without any data that it contains, that is, leave it as when we use it for the first time.

For this reason, before deleting all this information, an operation that is very simple, it will be necessary to make a backup of all the data we have on the iPhone and then restore it to the new iPhone. This operation can be done in several ways, although the safest and most complete is to make the backup through iTunes.

For this simply it will be necessary:

Connect the device, in this case the iPhone, to the computer, through the Lightning cable or the old 30-pin connector.

Next, we open iTunes and select our iPhone.

In the section Backup copies select the option this computer.

Finally click on Make copy now.

Before selling your iPhone do not forget to restore and unlink it from ICloud 

Once this process is finished we will have to deactivate Search for my iPhone and then restore it. For this you must remember that it is always important to deactivate before looking for my iPhone through the device, otherwise you will not be able to restore it.

To do this from the iPhone, you simply have to enter:

Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone

And at this point deactivate the option of Find my iPhone. From here you can restore the device simply by connecting it to iTunes, selecting the device, the iPhone in this case, and pressing Restore iPhone…

When the process is finished, you will not have to configure the iPhone, simply disconnect it since it will be with the factory settings.

How much an iPhone second-hand can, cost?

Some things that you should keep in mind when putting a price on your old iPhone or listening to offers from your buyers is that, the device, you can sell it for a higher or lower price depending on:

  • The model.
  • The conditions in which it is found (blows, scratches, etc).
  • If the device remains under warranty.
  • If you deliver it with all accessories (cables, headphones, charger, etc).
  • If you keep the box in good condition.

Remember that Apple devices are those that retain their value in the market even though they are “old” and more if you have all your accessories and it is in good condition.

Once you have made all these steps, you will have your device ready and you can proceed to sell iPhone on the Internet, the easiest and most convenient way is to be able to publish ads through applications and pages dedicated specifically to the purchase and selling products or even through your favorite social networks, keep in mind that Apple devices, such as the iPhone, are highly valued by people and will probably not take long to sell it.

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