Tips To Save Battery Life in Android- Simple and Powerful Tips

Want to make your battery long lasting. Is your android device boiling your blood with the small battery life. If yes, this article is for you. Here at trickstrend, this is my first article. Hope these tips will help you to save android battery life. Android is the best mobile platform which is getting more developed. Now a days, everyone will own a mobile device. But android apps and games will affect your battery life. So we must save it before your battery dies. So without wasting more time, let’s see the article.

Tips To Save Battery Life


Uninstall unnecessary apps


We don’t use some apps on our mobile. Those apps will run in the background and consume battery. So we must remove those apps from our mobile. If the app is a system app, just clear the data of the app and disable the app. If your mobile is rooted, you can uninstall the app directly from the mobile.

stop background running apps


All the android apps will run in the background. Android is a good multi-tasking platform. But to use multi-tasks, apps must run in the background. While they are running in background, they use some RAM memory. Lower RAM memory will affect your battery life. So we must stop some apps. There are many ways to stop android apps in the background. See the ways to stop android apps running in the background.

1. Manually stop apps using task manager:

Generally every android mobile comes with an inbuilt task manager. Fof example, we take Samsung mobiles. When you long press the home button, you can go to task manager by clicking on task manager icon. From that force stop the background running apps.

2. Greenify:

Greenify is a great battery saving app. It will stop apps automatically, if you have a rooted device. But if your phone is not rooted, you can manually close all the apps from Greenify. We will surely write an detailed article about Greenify

Do not use live wallpapers


Live wallpapers are very good and they make your mobile looks good. But they consume more battery. I also love live wallpapers as they make my phone beautiful and make my friends jealous. But after using Live wallpaper for 3 days, I found that my battery is fastly dropping down. Then I removed it and rebooted my device. Then my battery works fine. So it proved that using live wallpapers consume more battery. This is a very good tip to save battery life in android.

Check who is the consumer


As we already talked about the battery consumption of android apps, This is the time to know which app is consuming your battery life. For example, Facebook app consumes more battery, I can force stop or uninstall the app. So to find the battery consuming apps, there are two ways :

1. Using battery settings:

Every mobile device comes with an inbuilt battery consumption checker. Using the battery consumption check, we can find the battery consumer and take an action to save battery life in our android phone.

2. Using Gsam battery monitor:

Gsam is a very good battery monitor which helps you in finding the battery consuming app. Gsam has also a pro version which gives you more detailed information about the battery consumption. But first try the free version.

After you found the consumer, it is the time to force stop it from the settings. This is also a very good tip to save battery life in android mobile

Do not use auto brightness


Android phones comes with automatic brightness setting which is good. But it is also a big battery consumer. Always use manual brightness, if the brightness is very low slowly increase it. Never use full brightness in your mobile. Because brightness is the main thing in battery life. So always put medium brightness which is good and make your battery long lasting.

Use low timeout


By default, android display timeout is 1 min. If you are not using your mobile and forgotten unlocking it, your battery life is consumed by the screen. So use low timeout which will increase your battery life.

Never make your phone heated

When the phone is heated, all the apps will consume more and more battery. I don’t know the reason for this, but I really experienced it. There is a solution for this problem, you can use Some apps to cool down your android mobile.

Turn of vibrations

Vibrations of android phone will consume more battery. Because every android phone have a vibration motor and the motor takes more power to generate a vibration. While it is taking power, your phone battery will get affected. So turn off all the vibrations. this is is a most followed tip to save battery life in android mobile.

Turn of sensors


Sensors of android phones always awake which consume battery. Sensors use more battery for doing any thing. For example, if you enabled motion sensor in your device. Motion sensor always turned on and watch the mobile motion carefully. So they consume battery for observation. So disable unnecessary sensors and save battery life.

Turn of all animations


Animations look great and they are awesome to watch. But they consume battery life. So make sure you turned off all the animations. To turn off animations. Go to settings and go to developer options and scroll down, there you will find animations, turn them to 1x for low animation.Or completely turn off developer options and save more battery.

conclusion: These are the tips to save battery life in android. If you are having any other queries, just comment and ask your question.

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