Trump Has Addresses The Gymnasium Full Of Supporter For Mr. Mcmaster

President Donald Trump urged the South Carolina Republicans on Monday night to vote for Governor Henry McMaster in the election held on Tuesday, by concerning the conservations that if the governor will lose this election; his failure is going to be pinned on him (President).

By mentioning and concerning a cozy gymnasium of a high school which is full of supporters for McMaster, one of his oldest and high-profile backers, the President said that the media people will portray the defeat of McMaster in the elections as a sign of his own fault.

“They will say that the President had a huge, huge failure in the great state of South Carolina, it was a shameful defeat for the President, so please get your assess out of your home and vote for your governor,” he said to applause.

Gov. McMaster was not able to attain the majority of votes in the Republican primary this month and is clogged in a competitive race with a first-time candidate, John Warren, former Marine.

Mr. Warren, step on late in the campaign, but achieved a good momentum with a series of attacks which is linked to Mr. McMaster, to the political status quo is a state capital which has been overwhelmed by a rambling investigation of corruption charges.

The decision made by the President to involve him in the race was a kind of risky move to make, which a lot of political leaders would have avoided, but he said, he is just repaying his debt towards Gov. McMaster.

Mr. Trump reminded the voters about the fact that Mr. McMaster had been a dedicated supporter from the beginning. The unplanned trip to the basketball court full of supporters is just a gesture of repayment of the loyalty of Mr. McMaster, who was always there and not like others who joined me after the defeat of other 9 people in the race.

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