Twitter Bot Brings Endless Game Of Jeopardy Where Winners Are Good At Puns

Neil Cicierega (the web artist) has generated a new bot that will distract us forever on Twitter. @endlessjeopardy, his new Twitter account, generates “randomly created clues” that fellow Twitter consumers can answer to with a reply. A new hint comes each hour. There is no right answer, but whoever’s answer gets the most likes will get points. A bot keeps track of score, and it appears some consumers already have a number of wins.

The bot selects 5 winners for every question, even though each gets a different number of points. People can lose points if they give a winning answer but do not present it as a question. Prizes are doubled for hints that get lots of answers, and ties are decided by whoever was fastest to answer. The winners appear to be selected within minutes of the question being posted. Obviously, the point of the game is not to gather points, essentially. It is just fun to see what response people generate and to also vie with fellow Twitter consumers.

On a related note, Twitter earlier upgraded a part of its reporting procedure, particularly when you flag a tweet that you believe may be arriving from a fake account or a bot masquerading as something or someone else. Now, when you click the “it’s spam or suspicious” option below the report menu, you will be capable of specifying why you feel that, comprising a choice to state “the account posting this is bogus.”

Twitter declared the modification via its authorized safety account this week, and it is now live on both the mobile version and web version of the platform. You can see an instance of the mobile report flow relating to this upgrade. This modification certainly offers consumers a bit of much-required granularity in the reporting procedure.

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