Tesla’s Next Over-The-Air Update Will Bring All New Dog Mode And Sentry Mode

Tesla will again test the convenience of the company’s over-the-air software updating system by providing two new useful features which are developed to keep dogs and valuables safe. These additional features are named as Dog Mode and Sentry Mode and Tesla will begin to roll-out these features over a software update in February.

CEO Elon Musk unveiled the initial information of the company’s all-new Sentry Mode on his personal Twitter account. Musk explained that Sentry Mode will turn all the eight cameras into eight security guards. These cameras are installed in late-model Tesla vehicles. The cameras will detect the presence of someone getting too close to the car. The cameras will automatically record and save the footage and then ring an alarm. According to Musk, the new software update will play Fugue in D Minor and Bach’s Toccata as soon as it senses a break-in. Musk perhaps added this jokingly or this might sometimes play the heavy metal songs.

On Twitter, in October 2018, Josh Atchley, a Tesla car owner asked Musk for a feature that lets the car owners keep both air conditioning and radio on while their car is turned off so that they can carefully leave their dog inside the car. He added that the massive display screen of Model 3 should display a message saying that “I’m fine and my owner will be right back”. Elon Musk acknowledged the tweet with a “yes”. Both the modes will come to all the Tesla cars with AP2+ hardware. These are the models that are manufactured since October 2016 which includes every single version of the Model 3. Tesla has not made any announcements on whether the update is for free or not, but Tesla has often pushed its enhancements to the cars through over-the-air updates for free.

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