Users Can Finally Purchase The First 1 TB MicroSD Card

Have you been mulling over at the idea of adding a 1 TB microSD card into your handset? You can lastly do that within seconds. SanDisk has created the record-breaking Extreme card obtainable both via its own shop and (when it is in stock) via Amazon, offering you a cavernous quantity of memory for your handset’s media stock. It is a U3-rated card, as well, so it should not have issue leveling up with your 4K video clips.

As you might have seen at the February launch, although, there is a catch: the cost. The 1 TB card will presently cost you a hefty $450 (almost £454 in UK on Amazon), or over two times as much as the 512GB card that has a price tag of $200. That is a lot to give for a card you can simply lose in the wash, and economies of scale are nearly going to drive the cost low if you hang around for a while. Yet, this is your best chance if you believe that a 1 TB Galaxy S10+ does not have almost sufficient space.

On a related note, Lexar earlier revealed the first ever 1 TB flash memory card meant only for cameras. The card is dubbed as the Professional 633x. It is a UHS-I instead of a much quicker UHS-II model, but operates at the top cap at 95 MB/s for a UHS-I card. That must be quick enough for most devices to snap a long burst of RAW images and 4K video.

SanDisk was in fact the first firm to launch a 1 TB card earlier at Photokina 2016. On the other hand, that card never went public, making the path for Lexar to be first to go public. That is not bad for a firm that was terminated by its parent firm Micron.


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