Even A Little Dehydrated Could Affect Your Concentration Power

According to the research it is being found out that getting even a little dehydrated could have substantially numerous effects from lack of concentration to the mood swings.  The study finds out that people with mildly dehydrated didn’t really find the energy to do the daily task and leave behind the complex processing tasks which require a lot of attention.

People don’t really know the consequences of getting mildly dehydrated especially during the summertime, an average person with moderate intensity went on to do hiking he could reach dehydration state to a level of 1.5% to 2%. For an average person to get dehydrated to a level of 2% means sweating about a liter of water from the body. And if people are doing hard exercises or run during summer it would take around just 30 minutes to reach that level of dehydration. With this, the feeling of thirst starts to kick in which is the first sign of getting dehydrated, which most of the people don’t realize. This amount of dehydration is enough to affect your body and mental performance.

According to the study conducted by the Yale School of Medicine, a cognitive test was conducted on the group of people before getting dehydrated which requires a lot of attention since it was a card game and compared the test results with the varying level of dehydration among the same group and found out that a total error of 12% was noted in the research. And again, they were rehydrated and the cognitive test was conducted it was found out that their performance level came back to the base level of earlier.

The study also says that this 12% of error is significant enough to avoid dehydrated. For a student during a test a 12% of error is a matter of concerns and for a soldier, fighter pilot, surgeon whose daily task is to have very attentive precise attention could have serious implications if not taken into considerations.

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