Verizon 5G Connectivity Goes Live In Regions Of Los Angeles

Verizon is still hurrying to meet its 5G coverage objectives for the year, and it just reached one more huge city in its list. The carrier has rolled out access to 5G ultra wideband in Los Angeles, comprising regions in Chinatown, downtown, Venice, and Del Rey. As elsewhere, however, you will have to stick to specific primary locations to have an expectation of getting those committed speeds. The initial launch aims on landmarks such as the Staples Center, LA Convention Center, the Venice Beach boardwalk, and Grant Park. You might notice the speeds if you are attending E3 or a Lakers game, then, but you will not have much luck keeping a signal as you reach for your morning tea.

Hope for a flurry of updates from now onwards. LA is the 19th 5G city of Verizon and it still has 11 to cut off from its list if it is going to achieve its aim of 30 cities by the end of this year.

This does not seem good versus T-Mobile’s 5G, which went countrywide early this month. On the other hand, the two suppliers are taking very different methods to next-gen connectivity. Verizon is so far aimed on very quick but finicky and short-ranged ultra broadband 5G. T-Mobile’s connection is only mildly quicker versus LTE, but it is also less prone to interference and much longer-ranged. Until these networks develop, your choice actually ends on priorities: do you only need 5G when it provides dramatic speed boosts, or are you ready to negotiate for slower data if it results in more reliable access?

On a related note, earlier T-Mobile committed that its 5G network might be implemented in 5,000 towns and cities by December if its amalgamation with Sprint went through. That agreement is not yet locked, but T-Mobile claims it is rolling out its countrywide 5G network.

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