Virtual Reality Can Turn Your Mind Smarter, Claim Scientists

Not just entertainment or gaming, VR (virtual reality) can also assist individuals recall data better in comparison to desktop PCs, claim scientists comprising one of Indian-origin. The University of Maryland’s team carried out profound investigations on whether individuals learn in more enhanced way via immersive and virtual environments, in comparison to more conventional platforms such as tablets or computers.

They discovered that users remember data better if it is shown to them in a virtual atmosphere. “This information is exciting, which recommends that immersive surroundings might provide new ways for enhanced results in high-proficiency training and education,” claimed Professor of Computer Science, Amitabh Varshney, to the media as well as in a study posted in the Virtual Reality journal.

Varshney spearheads various major survey efforts involving augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality, including close teamwork with professionals of health care interested in designing VR training for surgical residents and AR-supported diagnostic equipments for emergency medicine.

For the survey, the team employed the idea of a “memory palace,” where individuals recall an item or object by placing it in a made-up physical space like a town or building. This technique has been employed since classical times, taking benefit of the ability of the human brain to spatially organize memories and thoughts.

“People have always employed visual-supported techniques to assist them recall data, whether it is clay tablets, cave drawings, video, or printed images & text,” claimed lead author on the paper and doctoral student in computer science, Eric Krokos, to the media in an interview. “We wished to see if VR mat be the next logical action in this sequence,” Krokos claimed further.

Speaking of VR, US-located processor behemoth Qualcomm Inc has rolled out what it is stating to be the first devoted XR (Extended Reality) platform in the world, as per the sources.

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