Vitamin A Likely To Lower Risk Of Skin Cancer, New study reveals

If you are searching what can be useful to treat skin cancer, a latest study has revealed that more amount of Vitamin A might be helpful in this regard. The study was conducted on almost 125,000 Americans who had more intake of Vitamin A. It reduced their chances of having skin cancer of the squamous cell by about 15%. They consumed maximum Vitamin A from foods. Senior author of the study, Eunyoung Cho said this research result is another way for convincing people to shift to healthy diet of vegetables and fruits. Cho is an associate professor at Brown University’s department of epidemiology and dermatology.

As per the National Institutes of Health in U.S, healthy food which are rich in Vitamin A are cantaloupe, potato, carrots, broccoli, sweet red peppers, black-eyed peas, dairy products, spinach, meat and fish and specifically the liver, cantaloupe etc. Vitamin A is a kind of fat soluble vitamin. This indicates that the fat gets collected in fat cells. NIH however said that if supplements are taken, the body might consume excess amount of Vitamin A which is unhealthy. NIH also recommended adults to not intake above 10,000 international units of Vitamin A on a regular basis.

Even Cho said that excessive amount of preformed Vitamin A especially those found in supplements or few other meats often increase the chances of hip fractures and osteoporosis. Squamous cell carcinoma is a very commonly found kind of skin cancer. Researchers mentioned that in an entire lifetime, about 11% Americans would definitely be prey to squamous cell skin cancer. It mostly happens in areas that are directly exposed to scorching heat rays of the sun, for instance head and face.

The study had data of above 75,000 women and 50,000 men aged in early 50s. Volunteers were asked for their diets and supplement intake. Research results showed that more amounts of supplement rich in Vitamin A did not reduce chances of squamous cell skin cancer.

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