Why Firefox Has Blocked Google Analytics—Latest Report

Firefox, in its recent security update, enlisted thousands of trackers in its default block list. Once users opt in for tracker blocking, the cookies of the websites enlisted will get disabled and there will be no tracking of the user’s data. This list included Google Analytics as well, which received severe criticism from many users. On Twitter, users lashed out at Mozilla, which prompted Firefox representatives to tweet back and explain why is the Google Analytics blocked.

Joe Youngblood, a marketing theorist, was typically upset about Firefox’s block of Google Analytics. He tweeted his opinion furiously, and got a reply from AsaDotzler, and Mozilla’s Global Communities Strategist, explaining why the company opted to block Google Analytics as well. In the initial explanation, the two explained that Google Analytics was blocked in order to keep the user data secure and avoid any online abuse.

Later though, it was explained officially that most of the data for Google Analytics will remain unaffected. Google Analytics, as the official statement states, uses first party cookies. One of the two Mozilla employees, in their Twitter conversation with Joe Youngblood, had mentioned they didn’t personally prefer Google Analytics, which too was alleged as a reason behind blocking it. However, the given explanations have been good enough for the SEOs and other site owners. They’ll all continue to avail the Google Analytics services almost unaffected.

While Firefox is blocking trackers, Google Chrome has decided to block ad blockers for regular users, while making it available only for commercial users. The clash of these two updates leaves the balance weighing in Firefox’s favors. Chrome without ad blockers doesn’t sound a good idea to use at first. Firefox, with their updated optional tracker blocking, gives the user a greater sense of security. As it stands, there is a huge shift of user base expected in the coming days.

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