Youtube Not Working On Your Computer? Don’t Worry And Try These Solutions.

Sometimes you’re just in the mood to relax after a hard day at work, breaking a bottle of wine and watching your favourite rom-com on Youtube. Imagine the frustration when that red button brings nothing but disappointment to you by failing in playing your favourite videos. You try to play other videos but that fails as well. What do you do in that kind of situation besides trying to hit your mouse.

This is one of the most common questions asked on the internet forums `Why doesn’t Youtube work on my system?’ But instead of receiving proper solutions, all you get is a run around the bush. Don’t fret, in this article we bring out sureshot solutions that will work wonders for you if you’re stuck in this kind of situation ever again. Follow these solutions and you will get back to watching your favourite videos in no time.

1: Making tweaks to your Browser settings:

What most people do is leave the computer idle in case the screen/website goes unresponsive. The screen will timeout after a while and the system goes to sleep mode. We recommend that when you encounter a similar situation, just refresh the screen. You should be able to play the Youtube videos again in no time.

On the off chance that your browser version is outdated, that can also be a reason that prevents you from properly playing video on Youtube. To prevent this, you need to check the version of the browser and if it requires an update. Install that as soon as possible. If you do not know how to update the browser, follow this step by step tutorial:

For Chrome:

-Click More options on the Chrome panel i.e three vertical dots.

-Find Settings in the drop down menu and click on it.

-Click about Chrome.

-Check your browser.

For Mozilla Firefox:

-Click More options on the Chrome panel i.e three vertical dots.

-Click General under the left bar menu.

-Scroll to find the Firefox updates.

-If you find a note saying “Firefox is up to date”, you’re good to go.

2: Clearing Cache and Cookies:

Loading new websites automatically generates cookies and cache over time. This cache data may also affect your YouTube player. We recommend you to delete the cache data at frequent durations to speed up the performance.

Here’s how you will clear the data from various types of browsers:

For Chrome:

-Click More Options button on Chrome panel i.e. three dots on right side.

-Click More tools and click Browsing data.

-Uncheck all the boxes except ‘Cookie and plugin data’ and ‘Cached images and files’. -Select the duration from ‘Beginning of time’.

-Click Browsing Data button

-Restart to see if your error is fixed.

For Mozilla Firefox:

-Click More Options button on Chrome panel i.e. three dots on right side.

-Go to History under the Library panel.

-Clear the recent history

-Check boxes like Cookies and Cache

-Reboot the computer and see if the error has been fixed.

3: Uninstalling and Reinstalling Adobe Flash Player:

In half of the cases, issue lies with the outdated or malfunctioning Adobe Flash Player instead of the Browser settings. The best solution in this case would be to uninstall and reinstall your Adobe Flash Player on your system. If you don’t have the software installed altogether, you won’t be able to play any YouTube videos at all.

4: Resetting your Internet Connection:

If your videos are not loading or stuck on a frozen screen, there might be an off chance that you are facing these issues because of your Internet. Reset the connection settings and it might fix your issue. Here’s how to do it:

-Hit the Search button.

-Type “Control panel”

-In the control panel, find the Network and Internet and open those Internet options.

-Under the Advanced tab, click on the Restore Advanced Settings button and hit the Apply button to save them.

5: Clear some tabs:

The amount of tabs you have opened on your Browser can also affect the efficiency of the Windows system and its ability to load new pages. It can also hinder the process of you watching your favourite YouTube videos for a peaceful time.

6. Check to see if YouTube is Down:

Well, sometimes the most easy and common answer is the accurate answer. YouTube servers might be down for maintenance or it might be facing global outage due to network congestion. You can search Google for real-life status of Youtube.

7. Errors in Extensions: 

Chrome extensions might be blocking you access to YouTube on your system. To check is this is the reason behind your issue, follow these steps:

– Open Chrome, press “Ctrl + Shift + N” shortcut and an incognito window will open up. Open YouTube again and see if the error has been fixed. If it is, then extensions are causing you this issue.

-To remove these troubling extensions, type chrome://extensions/ in the URL bar. Disable extensions and toggle them on one by one to see which works out for you.

8. Update Graphics Driver:

Black or green screens appear while you play YouTube videos, it might be due to the outdated graphic driver in your system. How to fix it, you ask? Here’s how:

  • Press Windows key + R and enter the devmgmt.msc in the Run window. After typing, press Enter.
  • When the Device manager shows up, double click on Display Adapters and find Update Driver in the sub-menu.
  • Clicking on “Search automatically… “ will start the search for the latest Graphics driver from the internet.
  • Restart to see if the error has been fixed.


This article includes a wide range of solutions that you can opt for in case you encounter the “YouTube videos not playing on my system” error. These sureshot solutions are guaranteed to fix your problem in no time. Just let us know which solutions work out best for you down below.

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