Why Some Facebook Users Saw An Airplane Reaction Out Of A Sudden On Their News Feed

People were not less surprised to see different reactions such as Angry, Sad and what not, other than the conventional ‘Like’, on their news feed nearly a year ago. But that was still easier to digest and not that weird or strange, if you may call it. But an Airplane reaction? The first question that would come to someone’s mind is that what exactly does that signify? Because even if somebody has posted about travelling, reacting with an Airplane wouldn’t make much of a sense, would it?

Facebook is not a newbie when it comes to glitches and controversies and this right here is no less than one. This Airplane reaction was available on the news feed of some of the people on Tuesday and the interesting fact is that only android users could see it. The reaction was not directly seen, but rather was applied after the users clicked on an extra angry reaction that was visible after holding the cursor, which created a lot of hype for some time on the website.

Facebook later confirmed that this was not a new feature of some sort but rather was just a bug. A company spokesperson said that this Airplane reaction was created as a part of the employee hackathon only. It will be interesting to see, for how long the reaction is kept available by the company looking at the interest it is building up among the users.

Speaking of Facebook and controversies, it is not a hidden fact that the company had to go through a lot a few months ago because of the concerns raised over the privacy of the large number of Facebook users. The CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, had to appear in front of the jury and justify and shed light on the functioning, in order to sustain.

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