Fortnite live event “The End” ends the game for now at least

The Fortnite live event named “The End” lived up to its name and shocked its fans. The event which began with the launch of a rocket progressed on to a place where the game entirely blinking, for now at least out of existence.

The sequence of events which was witnessed by many of the users had witnessed (barring a few million who had been locked out of this event due to server issues in the end moments) was as follows.

When the countdown hit zero, the new rocket known as Dusty Divot had been built by the visitor was launched into air.

Then it went into one more portal in the sky and had then come out of one.

The users then figured out that it was not just one rocket and as has been presumed that there was some kind of a multiverse thing and there were many rockets which had started to pour out of a lot of rifts. They had all gone to random locations around map for some time blinking in and out of the rifts.

In the end, they had all settled at one point right in the front of the meteor which had been suspended in time. It had created a big, uber-rift and then this meteor had gone into it.

The meteor had then come out flanked by some rockets. The rockets then split and hit a lot of points around the map as the meteor had pressed hard in the Zero point at Loot Lake force field post which everything in the game went to hell.

The screen then blanked out has the game ceased to exist. This is being termed as temporary.

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