Windows 7 Users Likely Exposed To A Serious Bug Says Google

Recently, Google had warned the users of Windows 7 that hackers may steal useful information through their system by the use of lethal bug. Acting proactively Google has already provided an update for its Chrome browser. In a recent press event, a spokesperson of Microsoft told the reporters that its software engineers are working tirelessly to fix the glitch.

While speaking to the press a concerning authority of Google stated that hackers have established a program with the help of which they can seek personal information of a user through Google Chrome. Justin Schuh has already asked the users to update their chromes with the help of several patches available over the internet. In his tweet, Mr. Schuh said that it would only take a couple of minutes for Google Chrome to upgrade itself.

Through the tweet, Justin Schuh also conveyed the message that after the update a user has to shut down the computer so that the device could run in a secured manner. Through his personal blog, Clement Lecigne wrote that it is the first time that Google has witnessed a threat of this level. Mr. Lecigne further wrote that an alternative to this is that every other user should start using Windows 10.

Though Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the date for the Windows 7 patch the concerning authority has stated that the software engineers are working on the issue. Despite being almost a decade old millions of users around the world are still using Windows 7.

On the other hand, Paul Ducklin wrote on a security blog urging the users to get upgraded as soon as possible. Paul Ducklin is the Technology head at the Sophos. He further said that sooner than later the bug will get eradicated and users can use their Windows 7 by safest means possible.

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