5 Digital Marketing Techniques That Are Making a Splash in 2021

By now, most businesses are familiar with the basics of digital marketing. One of the pillars of digital marketing is SEO, which we wrote about in ‘Why Businesses Should Bother About SEO Competitor Analysis’. In that article, we discussed why businesses making use of techniques like SEO should be more deliberate about their methods. Digital marketing isn’t just about crossing tools off a checklist— in order for it to be effective, it needs to be carefully studied and executed.

Digital Marketing Techniques

It’s a well-known fact that marketing is what often spells the difference between failure and success for a business. Whether you’re a huge company with decades of experience, or a small start-up just finding its footing, marketing should be a crucial part of your business plan. Below, we’ve put together five of the top digital marketing techniques that will be crucial for continued success in a high competition landscape. If you’re planning to take a new approach in your marketing for this next year, the below methods will definitely help.

Interactive Marketing Content

As the power of digital media grows ever stronger, businesses and marketers are being challenged to find more creative ways to appeal to a fickle market. One of the best ways to do this is through interactive content.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 44% of marketers have said that interactive marketing has played an important role in achieving an organization’s marketing goals. Interactive content can take many forms— live video, games, contents, virtual/augmented reality, and much more. Some methods are even available on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, which makes it much easier for businesses big and small.

Look Back Programs

Key to effective marketing is knowing how to turn first time customers into returning customers. There’s no point to pulling in new customers if you don’t know how to retain your old ones. Customer relationship management plays an important role in this, but so does understanding when and how to reach out to previous customers.

That’s where look back programs come in. Look back programs enable you to send banner ads to customers who have visited your store location within a certain timeframe, keeping them continually appraised of your products and services. Triadex Services recommends look back programs because they result in a higher ROI and can go live in less than 24 hours. This means your marketing dollars go much further, netting better results.

Mobile Inbound Marketing

As the rate of smartphone users increases around the world, businesses will have to think about more than just putting their brands online. How your brand is put online is equally important. Statista reports that there are over 3 billion smartphone users in the world, almost half of the global population. This means that when it comes to digital marketing, going mobile isn’t an option— it’s a requirement.

Previously, mobile website versions were seen as simple extensions of the desktop. Nowadays that can no longer be the case. Businesses have to learn to optimize all of their online materials for mobile display. This doesn’t just include improving speed and performance of your websites, but also means creating a fully realized mobile ecosystem that funnels customers to your brand even when they’re on the go.

Machine Learning Marketing

Artificial intelligence is the future of marketing, and recent years have only served to cement that fact. AI makes marketing faster, smarter, and more efficient, which in turn frees up precious time for business owners to focus on other important tasks. Chatbot marketing is a great example of this.

Chatbots enable customers to get responses to common inquiries as quickly as possible, providing information and assistance almost instantaneously. Insider says that 40% of users prefer interacting with chatbots over virtual agents, which could mean that chatbots are likely to be the norm rather than the exception in the coming years.

Micro-Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been a crucial part of social media marketing in the last decade. However, while previous years may have seen a preference for influencers with bigger audiences, recent trends have proven that bigger isn’t always better. Micro-influencers are now the preferred endorsers because they tend to have smaller, closer-knit communities, which means that endorsements are often more effective.

The Young Entrepreneur Council has been quite vocal about how to build a successful micro-influencer partnership. Among the tips they recommend include setting up benchmarks and milestones, starting with a trial period, and doing research on their audience for more effective campaigns.

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