How to Use Blogging As A Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy?

What is Blogging?

Did you know that 55% of marketers say blogging is their top inbound marketing priority? Did you know that these marketers are 13 times more likely to get an ROI than marketers who don’t invest in blogging? Blogging is a powerful part of any digital marketing strategy. it can improve your leads by 67% and get you up to 97% more connections to your website. Visitors are attracted by engaging blogs that are well written and provide useful information. Blogging regularly helps you respond directly to user requests and queries that they type into Google search.

Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

These questions help you determine if your customers are getting the information they want from your blog, and also help you determine if your keywords are performing well. So let’s look at some reasons to use blogging as an effective marketing strategy. What is blogging?

Blogging is a digital marketing strategy that involves sharing and growing blog content. This information can be images, infographics, videos, or text. Blogs can be used to promote your products, services or business. It can also help you build relationships with prospects, customers, and other businesses. The following blog stats are:

  • 77% of online users read blogs. • 82% of marketers who blog regularly get favorable ROI from inbound links and higher search engine rankings. • Professional bloggers have 13 times higher return on investment than non-bloggers. • 60% of the consumers feel engaged/positive for a brand or business after reading personalized content on their blog. • 47% of B2B buyers read 3-5 blog posts or content before talking to a salesperson. • 1 in 10 blog posts are “composed”, which means organic search will gradually increase their traffic over time and improve lead generation. • People love to read blogs with titles of 6-13 words; these sites get the most relevant traffic and clicks. • One aggregated blog post generates as much traffic as six regular blog posts combined.

Blogging As A Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

Here are the following reasons to use blogging as a powerful digital marketing strategy:

Improve SERPs and SEO

  1. Improve SERPs and SEO

Blogging improves your SEO. Fresh content is the key to outranking your competition on search engine results pages. Google loves new content, and updated content on your site can help boost SERP rankings. You can also improve your search engine rankings by using the right keywords related to your service or product. Did you know that businesses that use blogs as part of their content marketing generate 67% more leads than businesses that don’t? It can be difficult to update your static content regularly. However, you can add interesting new topics for your team members by asking them to discuss their experiences at events or the latest trends in your company.

  1. Blogging drives website traffic

Another important reason for business blogging is to increase traffic to your website. Every time you publish new content, you create new opportunities for people to find your website through search engines or social networks. This can lead to a huge increase in website traffic over time.

Brand Awareness

  1. Develop Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an important part of digital marketing company brooklyn ; Blogging will help your business give new potential customers and existing consumers a more personal side. Establishing a connection between your customers and your brand is essential. The best branding campaigns are all based on a great story, and what better way to tell that epic story in person than through blogging? Consistent posting will also help build brand and brand trust hourly. You can enhance this by offering polls or surveys to determine what your readers want to read.

Did you know that 60% of customers feel connected to a brand after reading personalized content and 60% of blog posts convert when mentioning a brand or product name? A comprehensive blog is a great way to enhance your brand image in the market. Posting up-to-date and informative information on your website demonstrates your expertise about your product or service.

  1. Generate Leads

Continually producing blogs, such as increasing traffic, will significantly increase the number of leads generated. Let’s say you succeed in driving the first visitor to your website. In this case, you are more likely to generate quality information if you post blog material that is relevant and beneficial to them.

If visitors find your blog helpful in answering their search query, they’re more likely to re-engage with you and return for future blog content. By using a blog as the first point of contact for your business, you have the ability to connect with every visitor. When it’s time for them to make a purchase, your business will be at the top of their list.

  1. Blogging creates value

When you create blog content, you create value for your business. Indeed, blogs offer additional ways to improve your relationship with consumers. Consumers crave great information, love discovering answers, and appreciate you guiding them through everything you have to offer.

If your website visitors have a question about a product or service you’ve written about, make sure you have a direct link to your blog where they can ask their questions and get answers. reply right on your website. A blog, unlike many social platforms, is viewable on your website. Your website comments and reviews will outlast any reactions on Twitter or Facebook posts.

  1. Building brand reputation

What do you want consumers to think of you? You have spent a lot of time and money making your company an authority figure and an expert in your services. Blogging is one of the best methods to showcase this expertise. And that’s what consumers and potential customers are looking for.

According to the CMO Council, nine out of ten B2B customers believe that online content has a moderate significant impact on their purchasing decisions. Before contacting a seller, 47% of buyers research at least 3-5 hardware and 96% of B2B buyers seek more information from thought leaders in the industry.

Building brand reputation


Blogging is essential to your growth and success. Blogs have always been an integral part of implementing a great digital marketing strategy. To grow your business, you must first establish a relationship of trust with your consumers.

Your website must have high-quality content that demonstrates your knowledge of products and services. It is essential to recognize and respect the importance of ongoing and interesting content.

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