How To Succeed In Television Advertising

Television advertising is not just reserved for big corporations. Small companies and businesses can benefit immensely from a television advertising campaign, too. In fact, you’ve probably seen local advertisers on television all the time.

How To Succeed In Television Advertising

Of course, their marketing budget won’t be as extensive as a bigger company’s budget, but there are several ways small businesses can place cost-effective television ads that give them a big return on their investment.

However, setting an effective budget is only part of what it takes to succeed in television advertising. If you’re going to succeed, you need to know how to capture viewers’ attention so that they’ll actually want to watch your television ads.

Check out the top seven strategies that a small company can use to succeed in a television advertising campaign:

1. Make it Fun

Don’t just create basic television ads that state information about your company and what it’s selling. You need to make your ads fun and exciting. There is really an element of theatre involved in the production of a good ad.

You’ll want interesting characters, dialogue and settings to present your overall message artistically. Remember, audiences love to be entertained.

2. Focus on a Target Audience

Before you create your television ad, figure out who your target audience is. Once you know your target audience, create an ad which reaches out to them.

For instance, let’s say you’re selling baby clothes or toys. Your target audience, in this case, would be new parents, especially new mothers. This television ad could show a young mother with her baby and the baby items, so the target audience can identify with the presentation.

3. Write a Script

Don’t just improvise the production of your television ad. Write a script so that you know what content will be in the ad before it is produced.

Write the settings, actions, dialogue, characters and so on. The script will ensure your ad is properly planned and comes out just right.

4. Make a Catchy Slogan

Most audiences won’t remember the dialogue from a television ad unless something memorable is said. Therefore, it’s important to include a catchy slogan in your ad that people will remember. When they hear that slogan in the future, they will think about your company and what it offers.

5. Put the Ad Online

Television ads don’t have to be shown only on television. You can make the most of your marketing investment by publishing those same ads on the internet, as well. This is an easy way to reach more of your target audience that may use the internet more than the television.

6. Use a Catchy Music Track or Jingle

In addition to a catchy slogan, try to incorporate a catchy music track or jingle into your television ad. This can be even easier for people to remember if it is a tune that they cannot get out of their heads.

7. Focus on the First Three Seconds

The first three seconds of your television ad are the most important. People have a habit of changing the channel as soon as a commercial comes on.

If you don’t capture their attention within the first three seconds, they won’t bother looking at the rest of your ad. Therefore, have the most exciting video and audio content at the very beginning of your ad to draw their attention.

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